Another Welcomed Guest Ch. 19

Greek Gods


Zeus - King of the Greek gods

Hera - Queen of the Greek gods, sister and wife of Zeus

Hades - god of the underworld, brother of Zeus

Poseidon - god of the sea, brother of Zeus

Demeter - goddess of harvest and fertility of the earth, sister of Zeus

Hestia - the virgin goddess, ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state. sister of Zeus.

Aphrodite - Daughter of Zeus and Dione, Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality

Artemis - Daughter of Zeus and Leto, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity

Athena - Daughter of Zeus and Metis, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Ares - Son of Zeus and Hera, god of war

Apollo - Son of Zeus and Leto - god of the sun and light, music and poetry, healing and plagues, prophecy and knowledge, order and beauty, archery and agriculture.

Dionysus - Son of Zeus and Semele - God of the vine, grape-harvest, wine-making, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, theatre

Hephaetus - Son of Zeus and Hera - god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture.

Hermes - Son of Zeus and Maia - Messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, border crossings, guide to the Underworld

Eris - Daughter of Zeus and Hera, sister of Ares - minor goddess of discord and strife

Deimos - son of Ares, twin of Phobos - god of dread

Phobos - son of Ares, twin of Deimos - god of fear

Dolos - Personification of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, treachery and guile

Apate - Counterpart of Dolos, goddess of fraud and deception.

Enyo - Daughter of Zeus and Hera, goddess of war and destruction, another sister of Ares


Ephus - the godling man with an unsual power.

Dr. Quinn Markov - human wife of Ephus

Aniketos - Human who is the Caspian god killer

Amaunet - sister of Aniketos, the Eternal Nile Serpent


Egyptian Goddesses and wives to Ephus


Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Sekhmet- Goddess of fire, war, and dance

Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice

Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water


Brothers of Bast and Sekhmet


Thoth - God of knowledge

Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles

Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet

Horus - Ancient God of the sky and kingship

Min - God of fertility

Khonshu - God of the Moon

Apophis - God of Chaos and darkness

Shu - God of the wind and air


Ephus shook his head at three beautiful goddesses that were before him. He could also see the extreme worry that was etched on their faces.

Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena seemed even more concerned, after Ephus had issued the challenge that he had to Ares.

Even as he was standing there, he felt Thoth suddenly reappear. "Brother? Are you looking to get defeated? To make Ares as angry as you have, will only lead to his benefit." Thoth let out a sigh as he nodded. "I have as of yet to see you make a mistake when it concerns any of the gods. Remember though, all your brothers and wives are ready to defend you."

Ephus stared at Thoth a moment, then the god's mouth dropped open, then he nodded. "I wish for that to happen if you can make it happen. I thought that as much as you know, it would be possible."

Thoth's head slowly nodded, "it will be as you wish, brother. Though I must speak to Ra if it is to come to pass." With that Thoth vanished leaving the three Greek goddesses confused.

"I take it you are not about to discuss with us what transpired?" Athena asked as soon as she gained her confused senses.

"No, I am afraid I can't, even though it concerns you three more than most." Ephus said.

All three of the goddesses had an almost pouting look on their faces as Ephus waved at them. With a quick turn he went back to Anhur.

"We should continue, if I am to put this plan into action, I need to be as good as I can be." Ephus told Anhur.

Anhur nodded, "as I stated before," Anhur said with a slight bow to Ephus. "You are to a point that you are almost a challenge to me. I have watched the battles you and Ares have had. It would be prudent, if you also learned his moves. I am sure that you going at him in his style might give you the edge to defeat him."

"I have to say that is an excellent idea." Ephus said with a wide smile on his face.

"Good," Anhur said, "we have a day left, more than enough time as fast as you learn."

It was almost twelve hours later that both Anhur and Ephus stopped. It wasn't fatigue, hunger nor thirst that stopped them, no, it was seven pairs of angry eyes.

Anhur pointed to behind them, "I am afraid that we are finished brother." Anhur almost whispered. "I'd rather face millions of enemies than the wrath that will befall us if we continue." With a bow Anhur said, "I have trained you well brother, you are almost as good as I am, after only a few days, fare well." With that Anhur vanished.

Bast stepped forward poking Ephus in the chest. "you have been ignoring your wives." Here Bast turned back to look at Quinn Markov, with her arms crossed on her chest, "ALL of your wives."

Ephus nodded as he looked at each of his wives, then turned back to Bast. "My Bast, I have had no choice, I had to be as ready as I could be. As angry as I have made Ares, I know he will bring everything that he can against me."

"Husband," Bast started then gasp. Ephus grabbed her, kissing her with a hot, searing kiss that they both felt deep within their essence.

Momentarily stunned, Bast swayed as Ephus quickly kissed all his wives the same way. A smirk came to his lips as they all reacted the same, Ephus then started into his home. A body was suddenly blocking his way as he was staring into Bast's eyes.

"Not this time husband, this is far more important for us to just brush it aside. If you are harmed in this battle, it could spell the end of the Hellenes realm." Bast said trying to sound as stern as she could.

Ephus felt movement as he noticed that all his wives were around him.

"You know that they are all right," came another voice that made him groan.

"I think he does, though like most human thinking, he is refusing to acknowledge it." Came another voice that made him groan even more.

With a turn he was shocked to see that not only was Isis there, so was Hera. Then of course so were the three Greek goddesses, Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena.

"WHAT, in the hell is going on?" Ephus said as he stared at the twelve females that were staring at him warily.

Isis and Hera smirked as they both came forward. "For the first time ever, both of our realms have a common thread that has united us." Isis said.

"A common thread? What pray tell is that?" Ephus asked feeling a little foolish that he couldn't think of it.

Hera shook her head as she looked at Isis, "you really are stuck in your human thinking, aren't you? You, are the common thread, you saved the Egyptian realm. You have done more in a few weeks to heal the Greek realm, than has ever been done. You have united the realms, a first ever."

"Me?" A shocked Ephus said. "No, I am..."

"NO!" Bast almost shouted. "I have felt what you were for many years. It took so long to bring your power out, for you to free me and my sister. You are not common, not a human, not a god, no, you seem to be the best of both worlds."

Ephus looked around at all the female faces that were looking at him. All were nodding their agreement, especially his human wife, Quinn.

"I have never felt that I was..." Ephus started.

"As I said," Bast interrupted him. "You are far more than you think you are."

Ephus could only stand there staring at all the females. Everything that they had revealed was running through his mind. It was just so strange that they thought that he was so important, all he was doing was what he thought was right, necessary, im... Damn! They were right, it was just that he'd never seen himself that way.

Momentarily lost in his thoughts, he didn't see all the females as they rushed to keep him there. His first indication was the fact that he was held fast, unable to move at all.

Ephus eyes were wide when he couldn't vanish either. "As you can see," Isis said next to his ear," if we are touching you, and don't want to leave, neither will you."

Ephus nodded his head, "You'll still have to let me go though. I have to stop Ares, the only way to accomplish that, is this battle with him." Ephus said as he looked into the eyes of all of them.

"We know that, unfortunately I know my son far better than you do." Hera told Ephus. "You do know that, you will have to totally defeat him in order to finish this."

"I have come to that realization," Ephus said. "Look, I know I haven't spent much time with you as I should." Here he turned toward Hera, "I am afraid I know him quite well too. Though, I do have a plan in place to that end."

"It isn't that we do not believe you, as your wives and potential wives." Bast said looking at Artemis, Aphrodite and Athena. Ephus almost had to do a double take as he was sure all three were blushing. "We do need assurances, that you will be around in the coming years."

Ephus started to open his mouth then snapped it shut. "I can only promise you that, I will not go into anything without planning. I will not do anything that might cause my end, or any of yours. I'm sorry, that's the best I can do, especially with one as dangerous as Ares."

Bast and the rest of his wives sighed as they nodded their agreement. A movement towards the back of the females caught Ephus's attention. The rest parted to allow Serket to come forward.

"Husband," she started a slight blush on her face. Placing his hands on her stomach, she continued, "I do not wish to raise this little one alone, plus, you promised that we would again. I am holding you to that."

Serket blushed even more as all her sister's had large smiles on their faces.

"Husband," Bast said, a serious look on her face. "Do not force my hand, I will go to Osiris to bring you back."

"I am sure my brother Hades, would help in that respect, he owes me many favors." Hera said eyeing Ephus. "I am sure all of your wives and possible wives would wish to punish you." This last Hera said a strange smile on her lips.

Ephus nodded his head, he was sure that all of them would indeed punish him in some way.

"We all wanted you to know just how we felt. We may not be able to stop you, we can make life difficult afterwards if need be." Bast said, as she nodded to all her sisters and the Greek goddesses, who then nodded to Ephus popping out. The last three left were Bast, then Isis, finally Hera.

"I was hoping that before you go, if it was possible, to look in on Enyo?" Hera asked a look of hope in her eyes. "Much about her has changed, though, I am sure that you can feel that."

Ephus nodded then touched his head sending a message to his human wife. Finished, Ephus took Hera's hand as they both vanished. Moments later they appeared in a large room.

"This is my home within our realm." Hera told him. Still grasping his hand, Hera led him deeper into the building. They soon stopped before an open archway to another room. Inside, Ephus saw a rather sad looking, though very busy Enyo. Looking at Hera, Ephus nodded, then entered.

Looking back, he saw that Hera had disappeared, shrugging, he walked toward a now startled Enyo.

"I have done nothing wrong that you need to come here." Enyo stated, then realized that she was staring into Ephus's eyes. "I know not why; I have the strongest compulsion to strip the clothes from my body. It also seems that the more I fight it, the stronger it gets."

Ephus quickly averted his eyes though, he realized that it might be too late. "I am sorry Enyo; I have felt the changes that have taken ahold in your heart." Reaching out he touched her a moment, watching her skin and eyes glow a moment.

A shocked look came to Enyo's eyes, Ephus groaned when he saw that she was staring into his eyes again.

"I must fight this; I am a goddess not a simple slave I..." Here, Enyo stood stock still. In a barely audible whisper she said, "forgive me I will disrobe immediately."

Ephus, could only watch as she rapidly removed her coverings. Ephus had to suck in a deep gasp when, she was completely naked. Dear god he thought, she is gorgeous! By all that was holy, she was as beautiful as Aphrodite, that was the biggest shock.

Still somewhat in shock, it wasn't 'til she had half his clothes off that he snapped out of it.

"I have to have you now. I need to feel you buried deep within me." Enyo said panting as she tried to rip Ephus's clothes from his body. "I need you sir, take me, take me now!"

Ephus was shocked when, she pulled him down to the floor, then got above him impaling herself on him. A small shriek escaped her lips, then she drove her tight sheath further and further down his length.

What the hell Ephus thought, she is so tight, almost as tight as... "You have never been with a male have you Enyo?"

Enyo blushed slightly though; she was putting almost all her concentration on the task at hand.

Ephus grabbed her hips stopping her motion. This caused her to actually whine, then try to force her hips to start again.

"I'll let go as soon as you tell me." Ephus said a little sternly. This caused Enyo to try and force her way loose of Ephus's hands. At the same time, she was also trying to drive her hips down to take more of Ephus.

"Please sir," Enyo was whispering, "Please I need you; I am so empty, fill me." She was saying the whole time still trying to get more of him within her.

"Tell me, then I will let you go." Ephus answered.

"I...I" here Enyo's head dropped, "yes sir, I have never been with a male. As a war goddess, I haven't had time nor want. Not 'til I met you." Enyo tried to look away, though Ephus grabbed her chin looking at her.

"Do not feel ashamed, I am honored that you have given me this gift." Ephus said causing Enyo to look harder at Ephus, seeing that he was telling the truth.

"I thought you would be disgusted by me, that once you found out, you would leave me wanting. I was afraid for only the second time in my existence." Here, several tears fell on Ephus as he finally let her go.

With a shout of glee, Enyo began to thrust harder and harder. Ephus could feel that she was becoming wetter as his member was sliding in a lot easier.

Much like his time with Serket, he felt her first orgasm, though he could swear she didn't stop there. Ephus seemed to feel that she started on the first, then just rolled into many more.

Ephus couldn't really tell if he was hurting her or pleasuring her to the extreme. Then again, from the sound of her lustful panting, he figured she was feeling great pleasure.

Ephus figured that she was starting to grow a little tired, Ephus rolled the both of them 'til he was on top.

Enyo's eyes popped open as she gasped, when Ephus drove his member even deeper within her. "Oh Ephus! Fill me, fill me! Never have I felt as full as I do now."

Not needing to be told twice, Ephus began to plunge in as fast as he could. He could feel her starting to build toward her next orgasm or set of them. He could also feel the pressure growing within his scrotum.

Ephus wasn't sure he could hold it back 'til Enyo reached hers. Only a few moments later, Ephus felt her tighten around him as she started to groan, thrash, then began yelling.

Ephus groaned as he felt his semen rise, then flood Enyo's vigina. "Ephus! I feel it, so warm, so wet!"

Ephus drove in as deep as he could as he felt his release, flood Enyo to overflowing.

A lustful, still panting Enyo pulled Ephus into a tight hug. She whispered in his ear, "again? I have never felt as wonderful as I just did, even my first kill wasn't as satisfying as this."

"Yes, we can, though this time I wish to pleasure you." Ephus said with a smile.

Two hours later Ephus left Enyo with a huge smile. Enyo hadn't moved to cover nor clean up. Ephus, semen was leaking from her, which she didn't care to clean up while it was still warm.

Ephus, was walking toward the front of the building to confront Hera. Stopping within a few feet of her, Ephus crossed his arms waiting for her to turn.

"So, I see that my daughter is no longer untouched this is go..." Hera stopped when she turned seeing the look of anger of Ephus's face. "Is something wrong?" A now worried Hera said.

"You set her up with me, I do not appreciate being used like that!" Ephus growled. "I should," here Ephus looked directly into Hera's eyes, at first, she laughed then a worried look grew on her face. Her arms were starting to move on their own, taking the clothes off her body. Then, a need started to grow between her legs, not overpowering, though it caused a strong craving within her.

Fully naked, Hera started to reach for Ephus who put his hand out to keep her away.

"In case you haven't noticed, I have a hell of a lot more control than I did. Though not as bad as the first time, you still want me bad. As your punishment for this? You can stay like this for a while." Ephus said calmly to her. Nodding, he immediately vanished, causing Hera to scream in sexual frustration.

Ephus appeared not far from where Zeus was sitting. "You might want to see to your wife, Zeus. You might say, I left her very frustrated." Then just as fast Ephus was gone.

Zeus, a look of surprise on his face, plus that of his sons, shook his head. A moment later he felt, rather than heard, Hera scream out in frustration. A sly smile spread across his face as he waved his hand then vanished.

Ephus appeared in the living room of his home sitting to try and enjoy some quiet. A few moments later he received a thought message from Dolos and Apate stating they were ready. Then one from Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, though when Hestia stated she was also ready Ephus was surprised.

With a shake of his head, he told his wife that he had to go. That after today this was pretty much over, looking into his eyes she kissed him passionately.

"I am holding you to that, though I know that you, being you, others may soon come calling for your help. I just hope that they don't take too much of your time. You have many children that need their father." His human wife Quinn told him.

"I will remember, all of you, all of my wives and children have been my greatest accomplishment." Ephus said as he deeply kissed Quinn. He then smiled as she was staring at him a little concerned then as suddenly her eyes were glazed.

Ephus sighed, placed a hand to his head, then with a final look he vanished.

A few moments later he appeared on the outskirts of the grotesque, blood covered battlefield. With a shake of his head, he looked out at the massive amounts of body parts that were trying to re-integrate with their bodies.

With a nod he pulled the green sword at his side. "It is almost time; I hope that, the both of you are able to do as you said." He said to the sword as time seemed to stop.

The dark-haired, Egyptian woman appeared, stopping herself as she started to kneel. "We may be many things; we do not break our oaths. We would not have said what we did, if we could not. The Titans made sure we had massive power' so we would survive, failing thereby suffering more. You are not having second thoughts about this?"


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