Marla's House-Warming Gift

Miss Marla headed home from the girls' college. She was tired of being a school counselor. Tired of the teen twats. Tired of their sexual angst. They just needed a good fucking, as did she.

But at this moment, all she could think about was a good, hot shower.

Marla turned on the water, stripped her clothes off, and stepped into the steaming shower. She lathered up her fat tits and bushy pussy. Her mind began to wonder about her Latin neighbor, the sexy guy in the next condo.

She'd just moved into the condo and discovered their bathroom windows faced each other. Full-length windows with curtains. The guy never closed his curtain, and Marla loved to peek.

The more she thought about him, the more her fingers found their way to her pussy. Marla fingered herself, pinching her nipples as her moans echoed through the bathroom. Soon Marla felt her body tremor and collapsed against the shower wall.

She gave out a sigh and stepped out of the tub.

The steam slowly dissipated. Marla pulled her blonde hair up and swiped the mirror to get a view of her38d's and her vee of golden pubes, with her pink slit peeking out. She wanted to look enticing and fuckable for her muscular neighbor.

Marla yearned to feel his big brown muscle inside of her pussy, and the sooner the better.

That evening Marla decided to shave her legs and trim her pussy, it was getting a bit shaggy. Taking off her skirt and panties, Marla walked by her bathroom window. She noticed her buff neighbor in the shower.

Wow... in the shower his tanned muscular body glistened like a bronze sculpture.

She felt her juices flowing as the man washed his bronze cock. It didn't seem very big until his fist stroked up and down, slowly rotating his hand around the thick shaft. Marla licked her lips as the cock grew right before her eyes.

She held her hands apart trying to measure... Wow, his prick must be a good ten inches!

Marla craved that mouthwatering cock. Soon she found herself again, fingering and moaning as she watched the dark, handsome man stroke his cock faster. His head dropped back as jets of semen shot across the shower!

Then she looked up... to see his brown eyes staring at her.

Marla panicked and tried to hide behind a towel. Too late. The man watched her the way she watched him. He grinned and yelled something in Spanidh, pointing at her door. Marla froze in confusion then threw on her robe.

She heard the knock at her front door and slowly opened it.

"Hola chica, I'm your neighbor, and I want to give you very nice, house-warming present.. oh, and your mail. "Marla." He read her name off a letter. "Pretty Marla, sorry I didn't come sooner."

"Cum?... oh you mean come over." She blushed and took her mail. "And a house-warming present, how wonderful." She looked at his empty hands. "But where is it?"

"Here chica." Her studly neighbor undid his belt in the doorway, letting his horse like cock swing out from his robe. "Is more like a pussy-warming present, si chica?"

Marla was shocked when the big man forced his way inside, pushing her onto her sofa. "Wait! You can't do this!"

"Marlita, I know what you want. You watch me shower, every day. You stare at me like hungry lover, and finger your hot hole while wondering how big my cock is." He grinned. "Horny lady, I gonna show you how big my cock is. Right now."

"You're wrong! Put that nasty thing back in your robe and leave!"

"Noo. Mr. Gordo, he says no too. He needs satisfied, and your horny little pussy, she needs cock." He waved belt from his robe. "Now chica, spread your legs like lady, or maybe you want tied-up first?"

Marla shook her head and... Blushing bright pink, she spread her legs for this savage man.

"Wow your golden pussy, she glows. And your sweet pussy is juicy as a ripe papaya, just waiting to be eaten."

Marla cringed as her sexy Latino neighbor buried his face deep between her thighs. She let out a faint moan and her nails clinched the couch as his tongue licked her clit slowly. Oh wow, she needed licked... licked and dicked... badly.

It'd been too long without a hard cock.

The man's tongue flickered in and out of her soaking wet slit. He flicked his long tongue from her clit down to her pussy crack. His face mashed into her pussy. Marla squirmed her hips and let out a loud scream, as she orgasmed in his face.


The wild, well-hung man looked up and quickly mounted her. He took two mouthfuls of tit meat. Then he grabbed her ankles, pushing them up in the air like goal posts. The man whispered into her ear.

"Marlita you're such a puta. Lucky for you I love putas. I love to fuck them raw... fuck them until they can't walk straight."

"No! I'm not a slut, but ..." She blushed. "But that sounds good."

Oh yes. Marla wanted to be fucked raw, to feel that huge bronze dick ripping her pussy apart, to suck his cock down to the balls, to be slut-fucked silly.

She moaned as the muscular guy plunged his cock deep into her pussy. He pulled her hair and bit into her tit as he thrust his dick into her tight little cunt. Marla squirmed under the rough fucking.

"Ouch, wait, that's too much cock!"

"No Marlita. Never too much." He pounded harder, and she cried out in pain as he gave her what she wanted. A damn good screwing. She bucked onto his cock as her chubby tits rocked back in forth from his non-stop pounding.

She felt her pussy getting sore. "Yes, that's it—fuck it—fuck me faster." But then she heard the man pant as he was about to climax.

"Not yet, wait! I-I'm not ready for you to cum! You feel so fucking good inside me!"

But the man pulled out of her pussy and shot his load all over her face and tits. Her nose and the ends of her long brown hair dripped with cum.

"Chica you look so pretty, covered in mi esperma." After he spewed his huge load he shoved his hard prick back in her steaming pussy. The man was like the fucking Energizer Bunny.

"You want more cock, si?

Si-si!"Marla was surprised and delighted as the Latino pumped and plowed her hot pussy... until she clawed his back in climax.

"Ohmygawd! That was better than I'd ever imagined." She looked up through her cum covered eyelashes. " When do I get to have that monster cock inside of me again?"

"Chica, por que? Who said I was leaving? I no leave." The Latino neighbor locked her front door, walked back to the sofa, and held his limp cock in her face.

"Suck it senorita."

Marla took his long brown cock into her mouth. She stroked and licked the shaft, and fondled his balls until he was stiff as sin. But she couldn't take all of his cock in her mouth. Marla used both of her hands to suck and pump him as he groaned.

"Oh yees!"

Grabbing her head he fucked her mouth like she wasn't his neighbor but a street hooker— a piece of cheap fuck-meat... "That's it Miss Marlita! I'm going to shoot my load down your cum-hungry throat."


Marla nodded in agreement and continued to suck and gurgle all over his cock. Soon he bucked, and a stream of cum shot out of his cock likes a cannonball. It hit her with such force that it stunned her for a few seconds.

Then his cock, spewed down her chest and she tried to lap it up.

Marla asked for a tissue to wipe her face. "No puta, roll over. "I promised you wouldn't walk straight. He laughed and rolled on her belly, slapping her butt cheeks.

"And after I fuck your ass—you won't!"

"No—don't. Not that way!"

"Si Marla." He spanked her ass hard. "Now ask for it. Ask for assfuck chica!"

"Okay...-please fuck my ass... Please?" She let out a low groan as he pushed his cockhead in, stretching her butt hole. It'd been years since she'd had a dick up her ass.

"It hurts mucho, si sweetie?"

"Of course it does. But don't stop!" Slapping her ass he shoved in further. Marla gripped the sofa as her eyes squinted shut. The man pumped back and forth, way up her anal canal, making her insides burn!

"Oh chica! It feels so good! Your ass so tight!" Her groans turned to grunts as the man's cock penetrated deeper and fucked faster. "Oh dios mio, Marla! Oh my god Marlita!"

He was balls deep in her ass now and driving hard. The man's prick hurt like hell, but she liked it. Marla panted as the guy slammed his long prick deep into her anal love hole.

"Oh Marla, riding you make me feel macho, like a real man. That's what a good woman does! She makes you feel like a caballero!" He gripped her fat tits while he humped her butthole.

Marla bucked with each fuck-stroke and soon, she felt his prick exploding inside her bowels. Yes. Oh yes. When the guy pulled out, he kissed Marla and helped her to her feet. "You okay, chica?"

"No I'm not. You screwed me like a puta... and I frickin' loved it."

"Damn chica, you got hotter body than a Vegas showgirl. Muy Caliente!" He pinched her butt. "Hey Marlita lets do that—go to Vegas—tonight! And have a wonderful fuck-filled weekend.

Maybe you dance for me like naked showgirl?"

"Oh wow, okay. Sure." Marla nodded while rubbing her sore, cum dripping holes. This was the most excitement she'd had in years! Marla looked up at her lover with a weak smile.

"Um... what's your name guy?"


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