Losing It Ch. 03

﴾Content: 18+, anal sex, ass to mouth, big dick, bullying, cum in hair, cum in mouth, edging, excessive cum, futanari/intersex, impregnation/risk of pregnancy, multiple orgasms, non-con, oral sex [fellatio], orgasm denial, rough sex, shower sex, vaginal sex, virgin, watersports [light]﴿

Chapter 3-Perspective

I opened the bathroom door and felt around for the light switch. The first one I flipped made me jump as a mechanical whirring echoed around the room. I flipped it off in a panic and gave my heart a chance to climb out of my throat before I flipped another.

Once the light filled the room, it was like I stepped through the looking glass or something. White marble tile from floor to ceiling, vanities with white marble countertops, and two standing showers on either side of the doorway—each of them bigger than my entire bathroom back home.

The bathtub was inlaid into the floor. If it didn't have a plainly visible faucet, I would have assumed it was a jacuzzi or something. It was the only thing in the room that wasn't doubled, and I probably would have registered how strange that was if I wasn't still in awe of how expensive everything looked.

I stepped into one of the showers, but it took me a minute or two to figure out how to even turn on the water. There weren't any knobs or anything; only a touch panel that had more settings than a space shuttle. I saw icons for temperature, water pressure, and a hundred others that I couldn't even begin to decipher. Eventually, I pressed the right series of buttons, and water started to fall from the ceiling panel like rain.

Yiff money paid better than I thought.

I almost tripped over the boujee little shower bench as the steam started to fog the glass. I laid on my stomach across the smooth wood, and let the hot water roll over me. Oh yeah... I'd have probably sucked a dick or two just for access to this bathroom, honestly. If Millie knew how to give a good massage, she could probably get her money back.

I laid my head over my crossed arms. Finally alone with my thoughts, my mind started to drift over the events of the past few hours. I was beginning to consider that I may have underprepared for this, and bitten off a little more than I could comfortably chew—and "chew" would be another surprisingly literal description if I had to take another one of those super soaker loads down the hatch again. I could still taste her pasty nut with every exhale.

Where did she even put it? All that goop had to come from somewhere, right? Like, I'm a productive partner myself, but shouldn't she have nuts the size of bowling balls to spew that much?

What's worse? I was starting to like it... and I think it was doing weird things to my head.

The longer I laid there, the less I seemed to think about it. I closed my eyes as the pleasantly warm water and relaxing white noise lulled me to sleep.

I felt a pang of anxiety in my chest as Mia vanished around the corner. Despite her reassurance, she still seemed a little upset. My glasses provided very little assistance while floating atop a viscid puddle on the floor, so it was impossible to be sure. Then again, I suppose she was a little abrasive regardless of whether she was in a sour mood or not.

I sighed as I surveyed the sticky aftermath. Yeah... she was probably still mad.

I grabbed the mop and bucket from the laundry room supply closet, and the big bottle of distilled vinegar from under the sink. I'm ashamed to admit that this wasn't the first time I had cleaned my "emissions" from the kitchen floor. I made the mistake of not using any sort of degreasing agent once. When I woke up the next morning to find my father scratching his head—trying to find the source of the sticky, odorous film on the tile—I nearly died of embarrassment.

Mom didn't allow "unnatural chemicals" in her kitchen, so the vinegar would have to do. Jeez... why was it always such a mess? I had even taken some preemptive measures when I showered this afternoon, and it was still all over the floor, the counter, the side of the refrigerator...

I probably would have finished cleaning up sooner if I had spent less time pouting, but it felt so unfair. I hadn't had the easiest time fitting in at school in the first place, but I became a pariah the instant puberty was inflicted upon me. Eventually, I was able to get the physical aspect under control, but by then it was far too late. I had already acquired several nicknames that stuck with me until I moved here.

"Cheese Log."


"Milty Seed."

I was almost relieved when they started calling me "Mildy Cheese" at the new school. Making fun of me because I had a stutter and a funny name was merciful by comparison. It was one reason I picked the last week of the school year to um... shoot my shot, I guess—By the time Mia told all her friends that I was a freak of nature, I'd be five-hundred miles away.

Thankfully, none of my mess had dried up yet. It became a nightmare to clean when that happened. I filled the bucket with cold water and dropped the mop in to soak. That was another lesson I had learned the hard way. Hot water—


Oh dear...

I ran down the stairs recklessly enough that I almost tumbled down to the basement. At the bottom, I turned the knob and pushed. The sound of running water echoed around the steamy room. I looked over to the showers and found Mia lounging. Her hair was filled with gummy white bits. It looked like she had smashed a hardboiled egg into her scalp.

Too late. If she wasn't mad before? She would be now.

"M-Mia? I—I'm sorry about that... I um... I hav-ve a stronger shampoo that will..." I trailed off, realizing as I approached that she had fallen asleep. I sighed in relief. It would seem my stay of execution had been extended, so to speak. At least I had time to shower before the hot girl murdered me in my own home.

As I turned to enter the other shower, I was forced to reconsider whether that was a blessing or a curse—The bright-pink silicone cock sleeve on the wall made me yearn for death. I suppose I forgot to take it down and hide it after I showered earlier. Did she see it? She had to have seen it. It couldn't have been more noticeable if it glowed in the dark.

I pulled it from the mount and set it down onto the shower floor. Admittedly, the mounting plate didn't look any less discreet, but I tried to put it out of my mind as much as possible.

I went about washing myself... admittedly stealing the occasional glance at Mia's peacefully sleeping form. I tried to push that from my mind too, with more limited success. I still felt awful about what happened in the kitchen... but there was a part of me that really enjoyed it. It didn't help that her soft, jet-black hair just made it stand out even more.

Mia Kamiya was... well, she was everything that I wasn't. She was what you would get if you showed an angel how to use Instagram—a body sculpted by divine hands, and a heart filled with vanity and pride. I had a crush from the instant I saw her, but things began to escalate after the school year started. I admit that I became a little obsessed at a certain point... but that's a long story.

God, why was I so weird?

In my admiration of her form, I failed to notice my growing arousal until it bumped softly against the cool marble, which abruptly snapped me back to reality. I quickly turned the temperature down, hoping the cold water would help my rapidly expanding problem... but no. Though it left the rest of me shivering after a few minutes, my erection was completely undeterred.

I sighed and mounted the sleeve back onto the wall. Mia had already put up with it twice, and judging by the way she kept staring, it clearly grossed her out. Not to mention that she conveniently "forgot" about letting me top her as soon as she saw it fully erect. I... can't say that I blamed her though.

I turned the water pressure as high as it would go in hopes that the water might drown out the noise. After I lubed up, I glanced over my shoulder a final time to make sure Mia was still asleep and then thrust inside.

The toy stretched around my girth. The top bulged obscenely as my tip expanded the walls beyond their normal capacity. I moaned softly, checking again to make sure Mia hadn't stirred. Satisfied that she was still asleep, I began to work myself in and out. My eyes drifted closed, and my mind wandered into a familiar fantasy...

I stood in a deserted locker room and finally started to change after everyone else had cleared out. A voice from behind made me jump.

"Heyyyyy, Mildy..."

I turned around just as Mia's naked body pressed up against me. Feeling the rush of heat to my groin, I quickly squeezed my legs together as I felt my cock starting to stir. Mia leaned into me until my back bumped against the locker, leaving me little room to retreat.

"H-h-h-hi... M-Mia..."

"Listen, I need a quick five hundo and I hear you've got cash," Mia swooned, softly stroking my cheeks.

I nodded, completely hypnotized by her plump lips hovering inches from my neck.

"It just so happens that I have something little virgin girl-cocks can't get enough of..." She stood on her toes, and rubbed her heavenly cheek against mine as her lips approached my ear, "...and it's a total steal at $500..."

My hand didn't consult my brain before it fished a wad of bills out of my bag, and handed the money over without even bothering to count it. Her demeanor completely changed as soon as she got what she wanted. She slipped the folded cash into her phone case and gave me a tiny peck on the cheek.

"Alright, horse face. You've got three minutes..." Mia scoffed as she laid back on a bench and lifted her legs to expose her pussy. She didn't even look at me as I disrobed, loudly watching videos on her phone.

I hastily approached and shoved inside. The tight, soft folds stretched around me. I moaned. Mia yipped in surprise—finally looking down at her overstuffed pussy.

"O-Oh... oh my god... Th-... that ain't real, is it? What the fuck!?"

Her words barely reached my brain before my hips thrust forward, and buried more inside her. She continued to scream vulgar abuse between her stifled whines of pleasure.

"OHH!... Oh my god. Aaahhhnnn... MMMhhh... Fucking... horse face... has a cock to match..."

She hid her face in her hands and tried to stifle herself while I worked into a rhythm. Her phone clacked against the tile, dropped from her hand as her wet vulva slapped against my mons. The time showed that it had been 5 minutes. She was either blissfully unaware, or she no longer cared.

"Sssstop... you're gonna... you're gonna ruin my pussy..." she moaned and wrapped her legs around me, "Your gross fucking horse cock is gonna break me!"

I pressed my body down against hers and fucked her deeply against the bench. The little bump of her distended tummy poked against me every time I thrust home. She started to squirm playfully as my thrusts became more desperate.

"Y-you better not put that disgusting cum inside me! You could knock me up! It's so thick that it'll never come out! You'll mark my beautiful pussy forever!!"

Each sentence shamefully heightened my arousal... and she knew it.

"No one has ever cum this deep raw before! I'll get pregnant for sure! I don't want to have your gross nerd babies!"

"M-my parents are... I've got a job lined up after University... I can buy you whatever you want."

"You just want to ruin my perfect body with your gross incel spooge!" She wrapped her arms around me, and hooked her feet around my waist, "Mildred Cheese, I will ruin your fucking life if you get me pregnant..."

In spite of my rational mind, my hips wouldn't stop. Ashamed and at the mercy of my lust, my copious release poured into Mia's moist, velvety-soft depths. Her belly swelled slightly as my tip kissed her cervix, and spewed seed into her fertile womb. Streams of excess semen globbed out around my cock, and down her perfect ass. When I finished, the sound of stringy semen dripping from the gooey stalactites on the bench to the puddle below was audible throughout the room.

As I laid on top of her, our bodies sticky with sweat, she yanked my hair to pull my ear to her lips.

"You think I'm mean now? Wait until you see me preggers, Mildy... You're my fucking bitch for life, understand? If I gotta take your last name, I'll take your fucking soul too!"

"I-I understand..."

"Good girl... now clean up this fucking mess. Your hands are all gross and sweaty... so use your mouth instead."

"Y-yes, Mia..." I would moan, sticking my tongue out to lick up my release from her cream-filled cunt.

I must've dozed off because the next thing I remember is having the feeling that someone was standing over me. Confused and half-asleep, I opened an eye. Millie smiled down at me warmly.

"Good morning, Mia... I tried not to wake you... I just need to clean my pipes, so keep still..."


I felt a warm stream across my cheek. Wait... was she...?

"You seemed to be enjoying the warm shower so much... I couldn't resist," Millie sighed.

She was peeing on me!?

I reached out to swing at whatever parts I could hit as blind rage and disgust took control of me. She caught my arm with one hand, effortlessly twisted it behind me, and dropped her knee onto my back to keep me steady. I screamed in disgust, still trying to worm my way out of her grip by the time the lukewarm stream started to taper off.

"Aahh... all better..." Millie let out a little shiver and a sigh of relief as she shook the last few drops off across my face.

"I'm gonna fucking ki—"

My threat was cut off by her soft cock snaking across my tongue. I bit down with everything that I had, my rage-filled heart anxiously awaiting a howl of pain and the taste of blood... but it never came.

I opened my eyes as I realized that my teeth wouldn't sink into it. It was like biting into hardened leather or something. There was a tiny squish, but after that, it was completely unyielding. Completely dumbfounded, I tilted my head to look at Millie's warm, smiling face.


"M-Mia, please..." Millie giggled, "I-If you keep looking at me like that, I'm gonna... get hard... again..."

I already felt it starting to twitch and grow in my mouth. I pounded her hips and thighs with my free hand.


Millie moaned as I panicked, the cock in my mouth already pushing down my throat. I squirmed, clawed, punched, and bit. Nothing even made her flinch. If anything, it just made her hog swell even faster. I looked up at her again, starting to get desperate as it was getting big enough to choke me. As on-brand as it would be for me to die choking on a dick, I wasn't super-stoked about it happening before I even got to ho it up at college. She finally pulled it out just as my vision was starting to fade.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!? Let go of me, you fucking freak!" I screamed.

I swung again, but nothing seemed to phase her. It was like I picked a prison fight with Wonder Woman or something.

"Shh... you're so cute when you're trying to be tough," She slapped her weighty dick across my cheek a few times, "...but you're being so mean! Making such a big fuss... like you don't enjoy it at all!"

I was trying to keep up the bad bitch act because I didn't want to give her the satisfaction. I cannot stress how hard it is to do that when the nerdy virgin has her fucking elephant dick resting on your face.

"I don't, you stupid cunt! Let me go!"

She stepped around me and straddled the bench. I felt her cock leave another slimy trail of precum as it dragged down my back.

"You had me so confused! Your little cock got so hard... but you acted so angrily! But now I've finally figured it out..." Millie pushed her cock up against my pussy as I struggled to free myself from the air-tight hold she had on my arm, "You're just a paper tiger, aren't you? You've been begging me to put in your place since you got here, right?"

I opened my mouth to scream at her some more, but found myself without the words once I felt her cock rubbing up against my dripping pussy. My cock twitched uncomfortably, smashed between the bench and my body. Oh my god, she was right... Why was I enjoying this so much? What did she do to me!?

"I'm sorry I didn't take the hint before. You were sending me so many signals, but I'm just so oblivious sometimes..."

My face felt like it was on fire. I tried to bring my other hand up to hide behind it, but she pulled it back to join the other one and locked her harpy talons around my wrists.

"Don't worry, Mia... you don't have to talk. I understand you. You're a filthy, submissive, size queen whore... but your ego is too big for you to admit it! So you'll never be happy until someone pins you down and fucks you like the subby little bottom brat you are!"

I opened my mouth to scream again, but my vocal cords stopped responding as her behemoth smashed through the gates. I squirmed around like a dying fish, my mouth agape as my body tried to adjust. My pussy squirted and squeezed around her as I climaxed, my completely neglected cock squirting another load onto the bench and against my tummy.

"Mmm... See?~" Millie hummed, gently working her length inside, and stretching me deep, "Your pussy knows its master. We just need to work on your stubborn little brain..."

I still groaned and kicked, but even I realized that my resistance was performative at this point. Even though it was completely humiliating, it felt so fuckinggood. A weak, pitiful orgasm rippled through me with every single inch she shoved inside. My pussy behaved like a good little cock sleeve, even as I kicked and screamed.

"Keep telling yourself that, you freak! Your nasty, unsnipped dick isn't going to give me anything but an infection!" I protested between my moans of pleasure.

Millie chuckled and leaned over me, resting her chin on my shoulder.

"I think I know something that'll make you a little more honest..." She cooed, switching to much more shallow thrusts. Wait... was she about to...?

"M-Millie, pull out!" I moaned, looking over at her.

"Nope!" Millie chirped, nuzzling against my cheek, "Your sweet lips tell only lies, Mia Kamiya... but your pussy is being so very honest. I bet you'll cum your stupid whore brains out when I put a bun in your oven, right?"

"M-Millie... I-I'm serious... I-it's not safe today... you need to—"

I felt a familiar throbbing in her cock as she neared climax. I started to plead, accepting my helplessness.

"M-Millie! I-I'm sorry I lied! P-pull out, and I'll—"

Millie bit her lip and hummed in delight.

"Okay! I-I'm a s-subby little b-bottom brat! I love y-your huge c—cock ruining my sl-slutty pussy—"

"I know," Mia cooed, softly stroking my cheek, "You'll make an excellent mommy..."

"NOOO—" I screamed, as the first deluge of thick nut shot into my unprotected pussy.

I jumped awake, almost toppling off the bench. I would have liked to call it a nightmare, but fear wasn't exactly my body's first response. I huffed in frustration as I sat up, the heat in my nether too intense to ignore. That stupid dream had made me so horny that I couldn't stand it.












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